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The pros of establishing new resilience paradigms
The cons of challenges

Our CIResilience Research team is dedicated to promoting resilience in the power grid.

Are you concerned about the resilience of our critical infrastructure against catastrophic events? Look no further than CIResilience! 

Our team understands the interdependencies between the power grid and other systems, with a focus on the communication infrastructure that plays a vital role in maintaining cyber-physical security. We are dedicated to tackling the challenges and emerging issues related to system deployment and economics of rare extreme events.


At the heart of our research philosophy are three key principles: Reconfigurability, Interdependability, and Sustainability (RIS). With our team’s expertise and collaboration with international partners from diverse fields such as transportation and water management, we aim to establish frameworks that anticipate extreme consequences for our nation’s critical infrastructure against natural disasters and cyberterrorism. By doing so, we hope to ensure the socioeconomic stability of future generations. Join us on this journey to build a more resilient future!