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Interdependability, Reconfigurability, Sustainability

Redefining Grid Security

Expect the unexpected!


We live in the today's world where everyone is connected in a certain form of relationship in cyberspace. Information flow and exchange from the consumers to operational level can affect the implications of any decision making by system dispatchers. The paradigms of the past may not sufficiently address the emerging threats of the 21st century. The term of “resilience” define the new normal we are living in to withstand emerging disturbances, such as natural catastrophe and cyberterrorism.

The pros of establishing new resilience paradigms
The cons of challenges

CIResilience Research is a scholarly team committed to power grid resilience

emphasizes the interdependencies between the grid and others. The communication infrastructure is the salient part of all that includes the cyber-physical system security. Our group aims at tackling the challenges and emerging issues related to system deployment and economics of the rare extreme event that can be catastrophic.

The philosophy of CIResilience research is three-fold: Reconfigurability, Interdependability, and Sustainability (RIS). The team is devoted to understanding the challenges and ready to work with his international collaborators from other disciplinary areas, e.g., transportation system or water management. The frameworks to be established would anticipate extreme consequences of nation’s critical infrastructures against both natural catastrophe and cyberterrorism. These may affect the socioeconomic establishment of our next generations to come.