Research Thrusts

Interdependability, Reconfigurability, Sustainability

The dynamics of this emerging world require synergistic effort to learn from other technical communities where we believe that the major challenges can be complex that needs domain-knowledge and specialization. The research thrusts of CIResilience are interdisciplinary research programs that emphasize on socioeconomic aspects with the community engagement and studies of human behaviors on a specific subject in research. CIResilience has the experiences to collaborate with scientists and engineers to seek for common goals of research studies. The following research projects funded by external funding agencies, including companies who have mutual interest in ground-breaking scientific and engineering pursuit that will be established in the cross-disciplinary research areas.

The following is the funded research project by the US external agencies.

US National Science Foundation
Other external funding sources:
  1. DOE Scoping Study of Networked Microgrids
  2. Waterfall Security Solutions